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Are you looking for flexible training to improve your skills in Microsoft Office 2000 and/or have an interest in preparing for the widely-recognised MOUS certification exams? Then, our Complete Microsoft Office 2000 course could be the answer. Our unique Skill Builder computer-based-training software will teach you how to utilise the Office 2000 suite of applications and become more effective in your job and more attractive to prospective employers. This comprehensive curriculum provides training for beginners as well as more advanced users, and covers the five most recognised business applications in the world - Access 2000, Excel 2000, Outlook 2000, PowerPoint 2000, and Word 2000. Built-in assessments that personalise your learning path make it the perfect tool if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Microsoft Office -you can filter out the information you already know and focus your time on learning what you need.

Note: If you are interested in training on any one of the above packages individually, we have additional courses to suit you - please send an email to for further details.


Exam Details
Our course will help you prepare for the relevant Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) exams. In order to gain your MOUS MASTER credential you will need to pass the PowerPoint, Access and Outlook MOUS exams at CORE level and the Word and Excel exams at EXPERT level. You can sit these exams at any accredited testing centre.
Please note exam fees are additional to course fees.

Your Future
Key Jobs: Administrator, Office Worker. The skills and knowledge you gain from this course will help improve your job opportunities and earning potential. Once you pass the certification exams, you'll hold the industry-recognised MOUS MASTER qualification which will prove your competence to future employers.
What You'll Need
System Requirements: The minimum PC system requirements for our CD-ROMs are: 486DX2 66MHz CPU; Windows 95 or later with a Microsoft compatible mouse; at least 65MB RAM; a SVGA monitor with at least 1MB video RAM running at 800x600 resolution (minimum) (256 colours); 2x speed CD-ROM (minimum); For audio: MCP compliant sound card with speakers or headphones.
N.B. This course is not suitable for Apple computers.

Our Training
Our computer-based-training courses are brought to you in association with NETg, one of the world's leading developers of e-Learning solutions. Our courses are designed to equip you with the right skills to perform real work. You will be taught relevant 'on-the-job' skills, not just concepts - just the kind of skills that will be tested in the certification exams.
You will be working in a simulated environment for whichever Microsoft Office package you are training on. Our courseware also provides more hands-on practice and skill-transfer exercises for faster, more effective learning.
Total learning time: approximately 120 hours.


Student Support
Our team of Student Advisors is here to ensure that although you study at home, you do not study alone. We will provide you with the assistance or information you need via email ( or telephone (+353 (0)1-662 0538). Of course, all our CBT courses have extensive on-line Help facilities.
Format RRP Online Discount Buy
CD €621 €497 (20% off)

Course Topics

  • Introductory & Advanced Word: basic document management, text editing, formatting, tables, Indexes, table of content, charts, graphics, macros
  • Introductory & Advanced Excel: entering and editing data, formatting worksheets, inserting charts, calculations, data analysis.
  • Introductory & Advanced PowerPoint: create, edit, enhance, and running presentations, animations, charts
  • Introductory & Advanced Access: create, edit, and query databases and tables, forms and reports
  • Outlook: sending messages, schedule appointments and meetings, maintaining a contact list, integrating Outlook with Office applications
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