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Course Outline

If you're interested in becoming a Network administrator or PC Support Specialist, then our CompTIA sponsored Network+ course could be right up your street. It will help you prepare for the Network+ exam which will give any prospective employer proof that you possess the required technical knowledge and skills to support a network. It also gives you the perfect foundation to build on towards other IT qualifications.
With, gaining this valuable certification is made as flexible as possible. This course is provided on our unique Skill Builder software which tailors each course to your individual needs.


Exam Details

You can sit the Network+ exam at any accredited testing centre. This certification will validate your technical competency in networking administration and support. Holding Network+ certification will be proof of your knowledge of media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation and network support.
Please note exam fees are additional to course fees.


Your Future
The demand for skilled network support professionals has grown significantly over the past few years. Leading technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Intel have identified Network+ as the perfect entry point into a networking career. To date, more than 70,000 professionals have gained their Network+ certification worldwide. So if you're interested in becoming a Network administrator or PC Support Specialist, this course will give you an excellent start in your career.
What You'll Need
Our course is geared toward those with approximately nine months experience in network administration and support. The Network+ certification test is intended to test the skills required of a network technician, who needs to know more than an A+ industry novice but is not yet a MCSE/CNE network expert. Before you take this course, we would advise that you should have taken and passed the two A+ Certification exams or have the equivalent knowledge and experience in IT. An A+ preparation course is available from
The minimum PC system requirements for our CD-ROMs are: 486DX2 66MHz CPU; Windows 95 or later with a Microsoft compatible mouse; at least 65MB RAM; a SVGA monitor with at least 1MB video RAM running at 800x600 resolution (minimum) (256 colours); 2x speed CD-ROM (minimum); For audio: MCP compliant sound card with speakers or headphones.


Our Training
Our computer-based-training courses are brought to you in association with NETg, one of the world's leading developers of e-Learning solutions. Our courses are designed to equip you with the right skills to perform real work. You will be taught relevant 'on-the-job' skills, not just concepts - just the kind of skills that will be tested in the certification exams. Total learning time: 18 to 24 hours.


Student Support
Our team of Student Advisors is here to ensure that although you study at home, you do not study alone. We will provide you with the assistance or information you need via email ( or telephone (+353 (0)1-662 0538). Of course, all our CBT courses have extensive on-line Help facilities.
Format RRP Online Discount Buy
CD €621 €497 (20% off)
Course Topics
  • Network Components and Design
  • Protocols & Standards
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Support
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